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Helping you safely transition back home

Get Home, Stay Home

What is our Get Home, Stay Home approach to care?

Our Get Home, Stay Home strategic approach to care can help you or your loved one transition safely back into your home setting and help avoid rehospitalization.

At Elara Caring, we don’t rely on a single tool to stop the revolving door from hospital to home and back again that many patients experience. Instead we utilize an entire suite of care support options that allow agility and customization of care for each patient’s unique health recovery journey.

We Definitely Care

about keeping you safe at home and out of the hospital.

We are available 24/7/365 to act as your first line resource for questions, concerns or advice so that intervention can occur before a health decline becomes a crisis.

Our 2 Weeks Together program combines in-person and virtual interactions to address common avoidable issues that can lead to rehospitalization in the first few days that patients are home from the hospital.

Our proprietary programs are designed to provide a plan of customized care for a variety of diagnoses and needs:

  • Managing multiple, new and/or changed medications is one of the most common reasons seniors return to the hospital after an inpatient stay is due to medication error or complication.
  • Medication reconciliation helps curb errors in medication administration and ensures patient safety.
  • Diagnosis-centric guides that use three color-coded “zones” to assist you in easily identifying health changes.
  • Action plans help you know when and how to take action before a crisis or hospitalization occurs.

Mindful CARE Program

Our Mindful CARE program is designed to guide awareness of self-care and mental wellbeing and to improve early detection of anxiety or depression symptoms.

Better Balance Program

Our Better Balance Program is designed to assess and address the core problems of adults who have a history of falls and/or an increased risk of falling.

Monitor Program

Our ElaraConnect Monitor Program is a high-touch in-home Remote Patient Monitoring program designed to keep high-risk CHF and COPD home care patients out of the hospital.

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