A Note from CEO Scott Powers - 02.10.21

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2020 was an immensely trying and transformative year, but I could not have asked for a better, more hardworking team to go along the journey with than the staff at Elara Caring. We proved that we could quickly adapt to the unprecedented circumstances of the pandemic to provide the highest quality care to our patients.


Now as we look to the year ahead, we take with us the learnings of 2020. In year one of this pandemic, we perfected our PPE supply chain, and going into this year, we have plenty of readily available PPE for all of our caregivers as well as the ability to quickly procure more if the demand rises.


We have implemented continuous monitoring of state COVID-19 trends to be able to learn and remain agile. This has allowed us to focus resources to Elara Caring locations in hotspots at a moment’s notice, and we intend to keep this going into the new year.


This year, we will be navigating vaccine distribution to support our caregivers in the process. We are immensely proud that a significant number of our caregivers have already received the vaccine, and many more intend to get protected in the months ahead.


At Elara Caring, we know telehealth will continue to play an important role in home care. We’re proud to be implementing cutting edge telehealth services at Elara Caring that make us better, smarter, and more effective caregivers.


We see the relationship between home health care and telehealth expanding and developing in the year, and we fully intend to remain at the forefront so that we can continue to deliver the highest quality care in the safest way possible to our 60,000 patients across 16 states.


However, our industry is unique in the essentiality of caregivers in the home. Now more than ever, our mission at Elara Caring going into 2021 is clear: We will continue to prioritize and maintain the safety of our caregivers and the quality of care for our patients, as we always have while we continue to focus on delivering the Right Care, in the Right Time, in the Right Place.


Looking forward to taking on 2021 together!


Best regards,

Scott Powers


We provide the right kind of care wherever you call home. Using the Elara CAREtinuum, we employ predictive analytics that enable us to deliver proactive, customized care to keep you comfortable and safe.

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"We are pleased to join the other founding members of the Moving Health Home Coalition to advocate for the expanded use of the home environment as a venue for robust patient care."

Scott Powers, Elara Caring CEO


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