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About Elara Caring

We believe the best place for your care is where you live.

About Elara Caring

Elara Caring has exceptional caregivers and comprehensive services to help patients navigate their health care journeys—wherever they call home.

We believe the best place for your care is where you live. We exist to deliver exceptional personalized health care services wherever you call home. We do this by hiring compassionate people who believe in taking care of our patients, our clients, our care providers and each other. We strive to foster personal development and empower a collaborative team approach to ensure we are delivering the right care, at the right time and in the right place.

To expand care and service experiences delivered where people live by making it personalized, innovative, collaborative and valuable.

Our strong culture is based on a value system we all embrace to ensure that Elara Caring is a transformational company of caregivers.

  • Exceptional Service: Elara Caring is driven to deliver exceptional service to our patients, clients and partners, going above and beyond expectations.
  • Integrity: Integrity is in our DNA. At Elara we believe in always doing the right thing, every time.
  • Teamwork: Our success is built on our teamwork, which is how we take care of our patients, clients and each other. We live our “I got your back” culture.
  • Results: We are passionate about results – as a service organization we hold ourselves accountable to accomplishing the goals of our patients, clients and partners while delivering the best value of high-quality care.
  • Innovation: The face of health care is continually changing. By leading through innovation, we seek to ensure we are delivering the right care, at the right time in the right place to those where and when they need help.

Who we are.

We are professional caregivers with an intimate understanding of our patients’ needs that allows us to customize programs to deliver proactive care that improves quality of life and keeps patients in their homes.

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What we do.

Elara Caring has five areas of personalized care services to provide a customized, comprehensive, patient-centric program of care and support—and delivered wherever our patients call home.

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Our leadership team.

Our team of leaders are experts in the industry with decades of experience focused on care.

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A warm heart and a caring hand.

The goal of the Elara Caring Hospice Foundation is to provide an added level of comfort and support to hospice patients and their families. While the foundation works closely with Elara Caring to identify those in need of assistance, it does help patients served by any hospice organization.

The foundation provides physical, emotional, spiritual and social assistance to hospice patients and their families. This includes providing supplies or services that are not covered by Medicare or personal insurance and are not affordable.

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The Elara Caring Hall of Fame

We’re proud to honor outstanding team members for exemplifying our mission and values with our Value Awards and Hero Awards. These everyday heroes are going above and beyond to serve our patients where they live.

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