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Monitor - Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring for high-risk CHF & COPD patients


is a high-touch in-home Remote Patient Monitoring program designed to keep high-risk CHF and COPD home care patients out of the hospital.

Experts are in place to monitor every alert so that intervention can occur at the earliest signs of a health change.

A combination of in-person and virtual visits means frequent real-time opportunities for education, symptom management and intervention.

Patients receive an easy-to-use kit and/or app for accurate vital sign monitoring delivered to their home within 24 hours of receipt of doctor’s order.

Watch video below to learn more!

Monitor Kit Equipment

Watch this short video to learn more about our easy-to-use remote vital sign monitoring kit.

The Monitor telehealth program makes me feel supported by my healthcare team.

I would recommend the use of the Monitor telehealth system to a family member or friend.

Meet our Team

Vital signs monitoring and alerts are important, but the most important part of the Monitor approach, are our people.

You can depend on their combined expertise, years of experience, compassion and ability to intervene before a health decline becomes a crisis.

  • The Monitor team responds to any alert from equipment and communicates with clinicians for immediate response and action.
  • Specialized devices or a mobile app are used for timely remote monitoring of vital patient health parameters and status.
  • Monitor may include virtual visits, in addition to your in-home visits.
  • The Monitor team ensures each patient is set up correctly.
  • Equipment is sent directly to a patient’s home within 24 hours of receipt of orders.
  • Specific criteria must be met to access this tool, to make sure the most high-risk population is receiving this care.
  • We see approximately a 50% reduction in 30-day readmissions through the Monitor program.

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