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Telehealth designed to reduce patient risk for hospitalization

We utilize state-of-the-art telehealth equipment that provides additional patient engagements and promotes conversation, interaction and learning opportunities between the patient and clinician.

Elara Caring’s platform of care includes programs that are tailored to each patient’s individual needs—wherever they are on their health journey and wherever they call home.

Supports in-home monitoring of high-risk patient’s vital signs through our technology vendor, HRS. This program also offers a mobile app to allow virtual visits as part of the patient’s plan of care.

Post-discharge follow-up program for patients discharged from our Skilled Home Health services. Our team performs wellness calls at intervals of 14, 30, 60, 90 and 120 days after discharge.

Automated phone calls that ask a series of questions to identify if there have been any significant health changes or to see if a home care patient needs further engagement or connection.

When a home care patient is actively being cared for by Elara Caring and a decline in health has been identified. The Transitions team, along with the patient’s doctor, are alerted of a potential need for end-of-life care.

Everything about the program was 100%. I liked the convenience of being treated in my home. I know the same people are going to be interacting with me and that makes me feel really comfortable.

Former ElaraConnect Patient

The program has been very helpful. I feel better knowing the nurses are out there watching my vital sign trends and also send them to my cardiologist. It helps me keep focused on my health and I am so grateful for the service.

Former ElaraConnect Patient

It was wonderful to know the nurses were so close with the virtual visits. My nurse was perfect for the job, very compassionate, helpful, concerned for my well-being and answered every question I had. I would highly recommend this program for others.

Former ElaraConnect Patient

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