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Quality Care and Results

Elara Caring’s mission is to deliver exceptional personalized healthcare services.

When we do our job well, it means that more patients are connected to more care wherever they call home.

94% of offices are 4 stars or greater

The quality rating shows how a home health agency compares to others on measurements of their performance, like how often the agency began their patient’s care in a timely manner, or how often a patient got better at walking around. A rating of 3 to 3½ stars means the agency performed about the same as most agencies.

Hospice Visits Last Days of Life ( HVLDL) Elara 67.9% vs National Average of 60.0%

The HVLDL measure assesses hospice staff visits to patients at the end of life. This measure is constructed from Medicare hospice claims records. It indicates the hospice provider’s proportion of patients who have received in-person visits from a registered nurse or medical social worker on at least two out of the final three days of the patient’s life.

Hospice Care Index (HCI) – Visits Near Death – Elara 94.8% vs National Average of 90.9%

The Hospice Care Index (HCI) captures care processes occurring throughout the hospice stay, between admission and discharge. The HCI is a single measure comprising ten indicators calculated from Medicare claims data.

The index design of the HCI simultaneously monitors all ten indicators. Collectively these indicators represent different aspects of hospice service and thereby characterize hospices comprehensively, rather than on just a single care dimension. Each indicator equally affects the single HCI score, reflecting the equal importance of each aspect of care delivered from admission to discharge.

We have an NPS Score of 93.

Over 50 is excellent. Above 80 is world class.

How do we know what our patients think of our care? We ask.

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score, which is a common metric used to measure customer experience. An NPS score measures customer loyalty by looking at their likelihood of recommending a given business.

We Definitely Care

We pledge to DEFINITELY:

  • treat you with courtesy and respect.
  • keep you informed & up-to-date about your schedule & care.
  • help you safely stay wherever you call home.
  • We pledge to work tirelessly to meet your unique needs – DEFINITELY YES!

We take care seriously.

Our mission is to deliver exceptional personalized healthcare services wherever patients call home.

That is why we are passionate about results – as a service organization we hold ourselves accountable to accomplishing the goals of our patients, clients and partners while delivering the best value of high-quality care.

We Always Care

We pledge to ALWAYS:

  • respond with a sense of urgency
  • advocate for patients & families
  • work as ONE cohesive team
  • celebrate life & achievements
  • live a culture of YES

A culture of caring.

“We care where you are” not only references our commitment to patient care but also our care providers. We care where you are in your career and foster your development. We also care where you are personally and offer flexible schedules to enable you to take care of both your patients and your family.

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