Skilled Home Health

Focusing on Recovery, Rehabilitation and Health Education

Our team provides a wide-range of in-home clinical services with focus on recovery, rehabilitation and health education.

Our Skilled Home Health Support Team

Are you a physician or facility?

Are You Dealing With Any of These Health Issues?

If so, you may be eligible for home health care. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Recent Hospitalization or Surgery

Orthopedic Rehab after Hip/Knee/Spine Surgery

New Diagnosis such as CHF, COPD, Stroke or Diabetes


Swallowing Issues

Symptoms of Neurological Conditions


Visual Impairments

Do I Qualify?

There are  certain eligibility requirements that Medicare defines in order to  qualify for home health benefits. If leaving home is difficult, and if  you are dealing with any of the listed health issues, we will be glad to  talk with your doctor and assess your eligibility.

How Will I Pay?

Home health care is a Medicare Part A benefit which requires no copay or deductible  for patients who meet eligibility criteria. Other payment sources may include: Medicaid, private insurance, worker’s compensation, private pay  or alternate funding.

Skilled Home Health Programs

Diagnosis-centric action plans promote patient and caregiver engagement in a personalized approach to target the specific care needs of a patient based on their diagnosis. Specific zones are customized for each diagnosis so that patients and caregivers know when and how to take action.

A fall prevention program designed to assess and address core problems of adults who fall and/or lose their balance. The first step in applying successful treatment is to determine the root cause of falling and/or loss of balance.


Areas of focus include:

  • Somato-Sensory Nervous System
  • Vestibular
  • Vision
  • ABC-Confidence Scale
  • Strengthening
  • Muscle Imbalance
  • Fear of Falling
  • Adaptive Equipment Needs
  • Postural Training
  • Home/Environmental Hazards
  • Functional Deficits
  • Physician Communication
  • Personalized Coordination of Care

BLOOM is a diabetes program designed with a holistic approach to promote a patient’s self-management of diabetes through engagement activities & education. This approach supports overall better health & wellness to reduce short & long-term complications of this chronic disease including hospital readmissions.


BLOOM stands for:

  • Better blood sugar control
  • Lifestyle adjustments
  • Ownership to take control over diabetes
  • Opportunity to embrace & support wellness
  • Movement toward better health

The Call Us First initiative is vital to eliminating emergency room visits and rehospitalizations. Elara Caring reinforces the Call Us First standard at every home visit and phone call with patients and caregivers.


Why Call Us First?

  • Available 24/7/365
  • Call Us First is an integral part of our patient care culture
  • Relieves anxiety to know that when you or your caregiver have questions or concerns someone is available to help
  • Reduces unnecessary emergency room visits and rehospitalizations
  • Improves health results by managing symptoms at home, when appropriate
  • Promotes achievement of health goals and adherence to the plan of care
    ordered by your physician.
  • Integral part of every diagnosis-centric action plan for daily patient engagement, symptom awareness and patient/caregiver involvement
  • Intervention initiation before a health decline becomes a crisis

Our Low Vision Program is designed to help patients increase symptom and self-management of vision-limiting diagnoses, improve safety and promote independence and quality of life.

The Heart Failure Program is designed to help patients increase symptom and self-management of CHF and other cardiac diagnoses, preventing exacerbations that lead to emergency room visits or rehospitalizations and to promote wellness.

A program designed to provide customized in-home care needed after Total Knee or Total Hip surgery to ensure successful recovery. Our customizable Post-Op Care Program gets you on the road to recovery with individualized Physical Therapy visits at home, including a full home safety assessment to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations or emergency room visits.



  • Same day start of care
  • 24/7/365
  • Reduced hospitalizations
  • Long-term recovery and independence

Holistic approach mental health as a standard of care to treat a patient’s physical and mental wellness concurrently.

  • Identify early changes in mental health so that interventions can be made to quickly respond to and restore wellness.
  • Empower each patient with tools to allow for self-assessment and teach awareness of seemingly small changes which can signal or trigger instability if ignored.

The Pulmonary Program is designed to help patients increase symptom and self-management of COPD and other pulmonary diagnoses, preventing exacerbations that lead to ER visits or rehospitalizations and to promote wellness.

An incontinence program designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that influence bladder and bowel function through a four-step process which is implemented by Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants. Roll for Control’s four-step process utilizes physiological quieting, core strengthening, pelvic floor strengthening and dietary recommendations.


Individual assessment areas include:

  • Self-awareness/management
  • Mobility
  • Dietary factors
  • Social activities
  • Safety
  • Medication factors
  • Strength/flexibility
  • Environmental clues
  • Voiding patterns


Sepsis Alliance and Elara Caring have embarked on a public-private collaboration to improve care, outcomes and early identification of patients with sepsis in the home care setting. The risk of dying from sepsis increases by as much as 8% for every hour treatment is delayed. This program is designed to put life-saving protocols in place so that every Elara Caring team member and patient/caregiver knows how to spot the signs of sepsis and to act immediately.

The Stroke Program is designed to help patients increase symptom and self-management of CVA and other vascular diagnoses, preventing exacerbations that lead to emergency room visits or rehospitalizations and to promote wellness.

Technology-enhanced patient care at home, based on each patient’s individual needs amplifies our ability to provide the right care, at the right time, in the right place; and to prevent avoidable emergency room visits and hospitalization.


Eligible patients can expect:

  • Improved chronic disease management, outcomes & satisfaction
  • Increased engagement in their care plan
  • Real-time identification of changes in health status and immediate clinical intervention
  • Reduced chance of returning to the emergency room or hospital unnecessarily.

Please note: Not all programs are available in all service areas. Contact us for more information.


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