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Clock-In Assessment Tool (CAT) from Elara Caring

Each visit, after you clock-in, you will receive an automated phone call asking you a few questions about how your client is doing.

You Can Help

  • For many of our clients, YOU are the only person they may see for days at a time.
  • YOU are the eyes and ears of the Elara Caring interdisciplinary team.
  • Information that YOU have about how your client is doing today, could make the difference in preventing a hospitalization or emergency room visit.

Click on your state below to see full details and instructions.

Sample Questions:

Since your last visit, has your patient:

  • been admitted to the hospital?
  • visited an ER or Urgent Care?
  • experienced an unreported fall or injury?

Does your patient report:

  • increased pain, numbness or loss of balance?
  • flu-like symptoms?
  • any wounds, rashes, burns or skin color changes?
  • feeling lonely or depressed?

Are you concerned that:

  • your patient may not be taking their medication?

Do you have any other concerns related to the patient, including food supply, environmental hazards, abuse, or neglect that require immediate attention?