Behavioral Health

Promoting Recovery

In-home services support individuals with a wide-range of behavioral health conditions, with focus on assessment, education & action plans that promote recovery.

Behavioral Health Services Include

Are you a physician or facility?

Are You or Your Loved One Suffering From Any of the Following?

Depressive/ Anxiety Disorders


Bipolar Disorders

Co-occurring Behavioral Health & Substance Use Disorders

Other Psychotic Disorders

If so, you/your loved one may benefit from Elara Caring’s Behavioral Health services.

Do I Qualify for Behavioral Health?

There are certain eligibility and qualifying diagnosis criteria for Behavioral Health Home Care. Further, many individuals we service have multiple co-morbid and co-occurring disorders. We have a specialized team of professionals trained to assist in the process of accessing qualified services to meet individual needs.

Behavioral Health Programs

Elara Caring nurses provide medication management and promote adherence. Reconciliation occurs utilizing an evidence-based system designed for the home care setting.
Benefits include:
  • Decreased transposing errors
  • Increased medication adherence
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Optimized appropriate medication regimen
  • Increased treatment engagement
  • Decreased unnecessary hospitalizations

Holistic approach mental health as a standard of care to treat a patient’s physical and mental wellness concurrently.

  • Identify early changes in mental health so that interventions can be made to quickly respond to and restore wellness.
  • Empower each patient with tools to allow for self-assessment and teach awareness of seemingly small changes which can signal or trigger instability if ignored.

Please note: Not all programs are available in all service areas. Contact us for more information.

behavioral health - nurse with patient

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