Behavioral Health

Promoting Recovery

In-home services support individuals with a wide-range of behavioral health conditions, with focus on assessment, education & action plans that promote recovery.

Behavioral Health Services Include

Are you a physician or facility?

Are You or Your Loved One Suffering From Any of the Following?

Depressive/ Anxiety Disorders


Bipolar Disorders

Co-occurring Behavioral Health & Substance Use Disorders

Other Psychotic Disorders

If so, you/your loved one may benefit from Elara Caring’s Behavioral Health services.

Do I Qualify for Behavioral Health?

There are certain eligibility and qualifying diagnosis criteria for Behavioral Health Home Care. Further, many individuals we service have multiple co-morbid and co-occurring disorders. We have a specialized team of professionals trained to assist in the process of accessing qualified services to meet individual needs.

Behavioral Health Programs

BELIEVE is a Behavioral Health Program to guide recovery and wellness. Research shows that combining addiction treatment medicines with behavioral therapy ensures the best chances of success for most patients. Identifying a person’s motivation to change is the first step in the intervention process.




Patient Needs:

  • Transition home
  • Medication Adherence
  • Goal Setting
  • Support
  • Connection
  • Trust
  • Anxiety
  • Education
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Safety
  • Motivation
  • Self-Care


  • Transition Coordination to Facilitate “The Road Map Home”
  • Same Day Start of Care Available
  • Believe Plan of Care and Integrated Care Pathways
  • Believe Action Plan
  • Believe Patient Guide
  • Call Us First!

BRAVE is a PTSD recovery program targeting the unique care needs of Veterans such as the transition to home life, medication adherence and connections to treatment options.



Holistic approach mental health as a standard of care to treat a patient’s physical and mental wellness concurrently.

  • Identify early changes in mental health so that interventions can be made to quickly respond to and restore wellness.
  • Empower each patient with tools to allow for self-assessment and teach awareness of seemingly small changes which can signal or trigger instability if ignored.

Please note: Not all programs are available in all service areas. Contact us for more information.

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