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Mental Health

Behavioral Health Mindful CARE Program

Mindful CARE Program

We take a holistic approach to treating anxiety and depression, addressing each person’s physical and mental wellness in an integrative approach. We focus on exploring the impact of depression and/or anxiety on overall mental health and wellbeing. Our clinicians identify how mental health is affecting activities of daily living, medication compliance, connection to care and social network development. We help set collaborative goals to reduce negative impact and promote mental health and wellness.

Benefits include:

  • We identify early changes in mental health so that interventions can be made to quickly respond to and restore wellness.
  • We empower each patient with tools to allow for self-assessment and teach awareness of seemingly small changes that can signal or trigger instability if ignored.

An Elara Caring clinician asks standardized assessment questions to identify possible instabilities.

Sample Questions:

  • Do you have enough to eat?
  • Have there been any changes in your health or life this week?
  • Do you feel safe where you live?

A self-assessment tool designed to be be a daily touchpoint for self-awareness of instability to promote proactive care decisions.

Customized warning signs and practical actions for handling depression and anxiety. Helps patients and caregivers know when and how to respond to mental health changes.

We are just a phone call away 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. If you have a question or concern we want you to call us for help. We are ready to listen, answer questions, give direction and take action whenever you need us.

About Mindful CARE

Learn more about our Mindful CARE program and how it helps patients.

The Elara Caring Behavioral Health Difference

  • We personalize care for each patient’s unique recovery needs.
  • We only utilize nurses with behavioral health expertise.
  • We offer a proprietary integrative approach to recovery and care.
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