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Increased support during the high risk days following hospital discharge

2 Week Together

2 Weeks Together

Our 2 Weeks Together skilled home health program combines in-person and virtual interactions to address common avoidable issues that can lead to rehospitalization.

High Risk Zone

Every patient’s recovery journey is different, but there are common pitfalls patients face. Elara Caring provides 14 days of added home care support that can help you get home and stay home.


of people who discharge home from the hospital return within the first 30 days


of people who return to the hospital do so in the first 7 days after discharge

Program Components

  • Call Us First 24/7/365
  • Same day start of care available
  • Assessment and intervention before health changes or concerns become a crisis
  • Multi-channel & layered intervention via virtual and in-person interactions
  • Focus on safety, medication reconciliation and post-discharge follow-up and compliance

We Definitely Care

about keeping you safe at home and out of the hospital.

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