Wherever You Call Home,

We Provide the Appropriate Type of Care

Our  team’s understanding of your health needs allows us to deliver  proactive, customized care that improves your quality of life and keeps  you comfortable and safe at home.

What Does this Mean for You?

You can have consistency of care at home even when your health needs are varied and changing. We work to ensure that home is the first and best care location whenever medically possible, and to support you throughout your healthcare journey. 

COVID-19 • We Can Help - from CEO Scott Powers

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The global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a challenge, but we wanted you to know that Elara Caring is continuing to provide outstanding care to our 60,000 home care patients on a daily basis.


We stand ready to be your partner and handle more patients as this situation continues to grow. We are here for you and ready to accept any referrals you have for us. We provide skilled home health, hospice, behavioral health and personal care across 16 states and 225 offices.


Our clinical leadership has kept our staff up-to-date on the latest information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and our team is ready to meet the needs of patients wherever they call home.
Elara Caring’s mission of providing the Right Care, at the Right Time, in the Right Place, will never be more appropriate than it is during this COVID-19 challenge.


Great companies rise to the challenge when difficult situations like COVID-19 present themselves. I am very confident Elara Caring will demonstrate our ability to be a trusted partner of choice for you during this difficult time.

Scott Powers

The ElaraCAREtinuum

Our CAREtinuum is a strategically designed system of in-home care which applies layers of predictive analytics to identify patients at risk. This way, we can proactively respond by applying the right care, at the right time, in the right place.

Elara Caring CAREtinuum

Fall Risk Program patients are

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