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MedBridge App

Therapy Home Exercise App

Each person’s therapy recovery needs are unique. This app allows your therapist to customize your home exercise plan to meet your goals.

Easy to Follow - Home Exercise App

At Elara Caring we utilize an industry-leading digital app for mobile devices (iphone or Android) which allows our experts to create personalized care plans that include easy-to-follow video tutorials and instructions.

The app allows you to see exercises in motion instead of relying only on a static drawing for instruction. You can watch any time, as many times as you need to in order to feel comfortable that you are performing an exercise correctly.

Home Exercise Program App Preview

Meeting small goals over time, lead to long-term success and better outcomes. Our app builds in visual rewards for meeting goals so you can stay motivated and see your progress over time.

Safe at Home

Skilled Home Health can help patients transition safely back into their home setting and help minimize the likelihood of rehospitalization.

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