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Concurrent Hospice Care for Veterans

Concurrent hospice care provides a unique opportunity for veterans to add the benefits of hospice care while continuing disease-modifying and palliative treatments.

Veterans can receive hospice care concurrently with disease-modifying and palliative treatments.

VA patients that are hospice-eligible can receive hospice care and VA-provided treatments that may include:

  • Palliative dialysis
  • Palliative chemotherapy
  • Palliative radiation
  • Blood transfusions
  • VA physician clinic visits
  • Hospitalization at a VA facility

Elara Caring believes that caring for veterans is a privilege and an honor and that the unique physical, mental and emotional care needs of those who have served will be FRONT and CENTER to our organization’s philosophy of care.

Our VA specialists can help you or your loved one navigate their health care journey and unique care needs.


hospice program designed to create a caring and honorable journey for veterans and their families through PTSD and end of life. A veteran-centered approach that promotes conversation, interaction, and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

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We Honor Veterans

As a partner of We Honor Veterans, Elara Caring is pleased to recognize the service of our nation’s veterans.

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