Focusing on the Patient’s Quality of Life

Care and support for individuals and their families, when a cure is no longer likely, with focus on the patient’s quality of life, providing symptom and pain management in the comfort of their preferred home setting.

Hospice Support Team

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When is a Patient Eligible for Hospice Care?

When he/she chooses not to pursue aggressive curative treatment or has exhausted all methods in the curative process.

When the hospice nurse meets with the patient and provides a clinical assessment.

When the patient’s doctor and hospice agency’s Medical Director determine their eligibility based on a prognosis of six months or less if the patient’s disease runs its normal course.

When the patient or his/her personal representative elects the hospice benefit.

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What is Hospice?

A program of care and support for individuals, families and caregivers when a cure is no longer likely and there is a prognosis of six months or less if the disease runs its normal course. The focus is on the patient’s quality of life, providing symptom and pain management in the comfort of their preferred home setting. Hospice cares for the patient and provides support for their family and caregivers.

What is the Cost?

Medicare pays for 100% of the patient’s hospice care under the following conditions:
  • Patient is eligible for the Medicare Part A hospice benefit
  • Patient’s doctor and hospice agency’s Medical Director determine that the patient is eligible
  • Patient or patient representative chooses to elect the Medicare Hospice Benefit

Elara Caring accepts Medicare, Medicaid and most commercial insurances that have a hospice benefit.

Hospice Programs

Diagnosis-centric action plans promote patient and caregiver engagement in a personalized approach to target the specific care needs of a patient based on their diagnosis. Specific zones are customized for each diagnosis so that patients and caregivers know when and how to take action.



  • 24/7/365 “Call Us First” availability
  • Evidence-based patient engagement
  • Action Plans are one page (double-sided) disease-specific tools
  • 3 color-coded “zones” assist patient in easily identifying health changes so that intervention can occur before a crisis
  • Start of Care clinicians initiate Action Plan at the very first visit

The Advanced Heart Failure Program is a CHF management partnership designed to equip hospice patients to successfully manage their unique cardiac diagnosis needs.


Benefits include:

  • Same day start of care
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Reduced hospitalizations
  • Superior quality patient and caregiver experience
  • Custom care plan alignment
  • Supplemental O2
  • Modified diuretic therapy
  • Patient-specific DME/HME
  • Visit frequency changes PRN

The Advanced Pulmonary Disease Program is a COPD management partnership designed to equip hospice patients to successfully manage their unique pulmonary diagnosis needs.


Benefits include:

  • Same day start of care
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Reduced hospitalizations
  • Superior patient and caregiver experience
  • Custom care plan alignment
  • High flow nasal cannula
  • Pleural drains management
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Patient-specific DME/HME
  • Visit frequency changes PRN

A program where hospice volunteers offer various additional services to assist patients and their families, such as grocery pick-up and delivery, dog walking, friendly weekly calls and more. Services differ by state and interested families can reach out to their local Volunteer Coordinator for more information.

By Your SideSM is a specialized service available to our hospice patients and their families that is responsive to the changing care needs of a patient showing signs of decline. Through a developed hospice team model, specific signs and symptoms of patient decline will alert the clinical team members to increase care. We work to provide increased presence at the bedside when declines are identified – a time when you need us most.


By Your Side includes:

  • Pain and symptom management
  • A calming presence
  • Talking and listening
  • Reading of an inspirational text or scripture at the patient’s request
  • Playing music
  • Holding the patient’s hand
  • Advocacy
  • End-of-life education
  • Comforting the patient and family through each personal grief journey

The Call Us First initiative is vital to eliminating emergency room visits and rehospitalizations. Elara Caring reinforces the Call Us First standard at every home visit and phone call with patients and caregivers.


Why Call Us First?

  • Available 24/7/365
  • Call Us First is an integral part of our patient care culture
  • Eliminates the need for emergency room visits or hospitalizations
  • Improves patient comfort by managing symptoms in the home
  • Integral part of every diagnosis-centric action plan for daily patient engagement, symptom awareness and patient/caregiver involvement
  • Relieves anxiety to know that when you or your caregiver have questions or concerns someone is available to help
  • Intervention initiation before a health decline becomes a crisis
For Elara Caring’s Holding Hands Forever portrait program, an Elara Caring team member meets with patients and their loved ones to take a black and white photograph of their hands, capturing a bond that will forever be shared. The portrait is printed, framed and brought back to the patient’s home or facility.
Benefits include:
  • Patients and their families make happy memories for future comfort
  • Provides a keepsake that lasts
  • Coordinated by Elara Caring team members at no cost to the patient or family

Joint Care Planning is a customized collaboration between Elara Caring and care facilities to maximize superior patient care and provide mutual regulatory support.

A program to improve and maintain overall mental health and wellness. Caring for a loved one at end of life can feel overwhelming. The emotional and physical demands involved with providing care, while coping with the anticipated death, can strain even the most capable caregiver. Mindful CARE provides caregivers with accurate, understandable information to recognize changes in mental well-being and set goals to better manage these changes, if they occur.

The Need a Hand program is a hospice service that will provide a patient and family with that “extra hand” that is sometimes needed. This program offers homemaker services, such as light cleaning, laundering essentials, disinfecting for COVID-19, grocery shopping, basic errands and more.



  • Increase in patient care quality and safety.
  • Help patients and families address COVID-19 concerns.
  • Extra support when patients and their families need it most.
  • An added layer of “touch” to increase assessments and patient status awareness.
  • Increase in environmental safety and sanitation.

Elara Caring is equipped to help hospice patients navigate each turn with experience, compassion and expertise to provide the right care at the right time in the right place.


Road Map Home helps meet:

  • Custodial needs by providing support for activities of daily living (ADLs). These include bathing, eating, dressing and toileting.
  • Medical needs by establishing the medical aspects of care needed to stay at home, including: ensuring that medications are managed, doctor appointments are kept, and the right person is in place to make decisions.
  • Safety needs by ensuring the home environment and the care we provide to our loved one will be safe.
As a partner of We Honor Veterans, Elara Caring is pleased to recognize the service of our nation’s veterans. The recognition and pinning ceremony allows us to honor the service and sacrifices of the veterans in our communities. A Veteran Pinning Ceremony can be a planned event. This small but meaningful gesture can occur in a patient’s home, at the bedside or in any care facility.
Benefits include:
  • Honor veterans’ service to our country
  • Brings together veterans and veteran organizations
  • Helps educate on veterans’ needs and the unique challenges they may face
  • Opens conversation and opportunity for veterans to share their stories of service

Please note: Not all programs are available in all service areas. Contact us for more information.


Elara Caring Hospice volunteers are compassionate, giving individuals from all walks of life who share the most precious gift they have – their time – to enhance the lives of others.
We’re always happy to connect with compassionate people who want to give back to their communities in a meaningful way. No special skills are necessary — just a listening ear and an open heart.
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Need More Information About Hospice ?

Our goal is to provide an added level of comfort and support to hospice patients and their families throughout the end-of-life journey.
The Elara Caring Hospice Foundation serves patients and families in communities where Elara Caring provides hospice care. While the foundation works closely with Elara Caring to identify patients in need of assistance, we are equipped to provide assistance to hospice patients that are served by any hospice.
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