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The Elara Caring Hall of Fame - Q2 2022

We’re proud to recognize our team members for providing outstanding service that exemplifies our mission. We deliver exceptional personalized healthcare services wherever you call home.

Elara Caring Hall of Fame

2022 Hero Awards

The Elara Caring Hero Award program honors team members who have gone above and beyond to serve our patients where they live. These awards are presented to our heroes who keep the patients at the center of everything we do. Below are the most recent winners of our Hero Awards:

The Waterbury Behavioral Health Team won the 2022 Q2 Elara Team Quality Award. This quarter has presented this BH Team with many barriers that did not slow them down. They pulled together and took care of both the business and one another. This branch had a member of the team experience a personal tragedy and the team pulled together to support their teammate in need. The Waterbury behavioral health branch truly exemplifies what it means to be a team.

Tatyanna R.
Our Q2 Hero Award for Outstanding Service in Behavioral Health goes to our LPN, Tatyanna R. In addition to Tatyanna’s commitment to promote hope and health on her team, she recently witnessed a child drowning in a public pool, jumped into action without hesitation and performed CPR until EMTs arrived. The child made a full recovery thanks to her quick efforts.

Rachel F.
Rachel F., RN, won the 2022 Q2 Elara Outstanding Service Award for Home Health. Rachel puts her patients first. Recently, she rearranged her own schedule to help a patient that was being admitted to the ER weekly and began visiting the patient early each morning to help manage a new medical device. Rachel’s unwavering dedication resulted in decreased ER visits and a better quality of life for her patient.

Samantha C.
Samantha C., RN and CTM, won the 2022 Q2 Elara Outstanding Service Award for Hospice for stepping in to advocate for a patient facing jail time for a past traffic offense. She went above and beyond to make a case for this patient citing his medical issues. She was successful in convincing a judge to suspend the sentence, allowing the patient access to end-of-life care, at home, surrounded by family and friends.

Raul R.
Raul R., Attendant, won the 2022 Q2 Elara Outstanding Service Award for Personal Care Services. Raul has never missed a day of work in his 11 years with Elara. Raul lets nothing get in the way of serving his patients. He has recently gone above and beyond by grocery shopping and picking up clients’ medications despite transportation challenges, making his client’s needs a priority.

Jeremy R.
Jeremy R., Scheduler, won the 2022 Q2 Support Award because his local team in Skilled Home Health enthusiastically says that Jeremy is their go-to in the office. Jeremy’s brand is to go above and beyond, always doing more than what is expected in the McAlester office without being asked. In Q2, he boosted team moral and encouraged his coworkers in new ways. His team says they are a better team because of his passion and commitment.

2022 Value Awards

Elara Caring’s Value Award Program recognizes five team members who best represent our company’s core values of Exceptional Service, Integrity, Teamwork, Results and Innovation every quarter. Below are the most recent winners of our Value Awards.

Anne Marie M.
Anne Marie M., Sr. HR BP, won the Q2 Exceptional Service award. Anne Marie was nominated by the service line she supports, the Personal Care Services leaders. She moved into her new role serving the PCS service line in May and in a brief time, Anne Marie her team have become an indispensable part of the service line. Anne Marie identified the pain points and worked across the enterprise to develop a solution, resulting in a much-improved employee experience.

Lyndsey R.
Lyndsey R., Director of Business Operations, won the Integrity Award for Q2. Lyndsey has been pivotal in developing the quality control program for her region. During routine auditing, Lyndsey discovered a programming error that led to overbilling. Lindsay quickly reported and corrected the issue. The Medicaid Audit and Compliance Director sent a compliment about Lyndsey and her work ethic. Lyndsey’s integrity in this situation was spot on and truly the Elara Way.

Dawn C.
Dawn C., Transitional Liaison, won the Q2 Teamwork Award. Examples of her willingness to serve include completing admissions after hours, providing education and support to cross-department partners, and training new Transition Liaisons to help establish sound transition practices based on her experience. Members of the service line teams reached out to convey their appreciation of Dawn’s support and teamwork.

Ben R.

Ben R., Scheduler, won the Results Award for Q2 for improving the LUPA rate and Timely Initiation of Care. The branch’s LUPA rate dropped significantly. His team has had this success because Ben took the lead on these quality measures and has been able to make a difference. He is very engaged and communicates well to ensure all patients are admitted timely.

Julie E.
The Q2 Innovation Award was given to Julie E., AVP, for improving processes in her first few months with Elara. Julie rolled out a very innovative Field Supervisor schedule tool that was eventually adopted in all Texas regions. This tool helps drive accountability but also is a time management support for our very busy Field Supervisory staff. In addition to this tool, Julie established a weekly report out process to help streamline communication between the office staff, field supervisors and all team members. Her interventions in EVV and adoption of a new communication system have contributed to the success of her branch.


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