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The Elara Caring Hall of Fame - Q3 2021

We’re proud to recognize our team members for providing outstanding service that exemplifies our mission. We deliver exceptional personalized healthcare services wherever you call home.

Elara Caring Hall of Fame

2021 Hero Awards

The Elara Caring Hero Award program honors team members who have gone above and beyond to serve our patients where they live. These awards are presented to our heroes who keep the patients at the center of everything we do. Below are the most recent winners of our Hero Awards:

The PCS NJ Coordination Team won the 2021 Q3 Elara Team Quality Award for navigating changes and getting results. The COVID vaccine mandate for healthcare workers in NJ was expected to be satisfied by September 8. The PCS team worked closely to make sure we complied with the mandate. Our clinical educator and team leads worked on outreach and data entry. The RNs in each branch distributed daily testing for our caregivers. The coordinators scheduled testing in outside sites for caregivers or in the office. The coordination team tracked aides who needed weekly testing and provided coverage to the patients in need effected by this. PCS worked to make sure services were not interrupted and impacted as little as possible while complying with the mandate.

Phil S.
Phil S.,RN, won 2021 Q3 the Elara Outstanding Service Award for Behavioral Health for going beyond the call of duty to assist two patients impacted by a house fire. Receiving a call late at night, Phil responded and arrived at the scene to find his patients stranded with nowhere to go. He collaborated with local police and the fire department to contact the Salvation Army for assistance. Phil waited with his patients until help arrived and continued to help by coordinating their stay at a local motel while locating resources to help replace personal belongings and clothing. His work continued into the next day as he collaborated with the treatment team at a local facility to secure housing and medication replacements.

Tabitha B.
Tabitha B., LPN, won the Elara Outstanding Service Award for Home Health for her excellence in community outreach that extend beyond home care. After a patient requiring multiple services was released from the hospital with no family, food, transportation or funds, the local branch leader reached out to Tabitha who knew the area well and might be aware of resources. However, despite it being late on a Friday afternoon, Tabitha exceeded all expectations by seeking assistance from community programs to secure five large boxes of food, donations from local farmers of eggs, fruit and vegetables and shopping store gift cards all within just an hour… and she had a few more places lined up to pick up additional supplies. When Tabitha arrived at the patient’s home, she filled her pantry, refrigerator, and toiletries with enough to last a month or more. She also stopped at the town’s social services office to obtain applications for programs to help and assisted the patient in filling them out.

Yadira C.
Yadira C., Hospice Aide, won the 2021 Q3 Elara Outstanding Service Award for Hospice for working tirelessly to support her team and patients. Amidst staffing issues to cover an employee on leave with orientation of another employee ongoing, Yadira consistently saw 8 to 10 patients per day, covering the entire territory by herself. Yadira would get home late each night and start extra early each morning putting the patient needs first. She never complained, displaying a smile and compassion for our patients and their families. Her dedication allowed us time to get our team in place and continue to provide exceptional service to our patients.

Marisa J.
Marisa J., Aide, won the 2021 Q3 Elara Outstanding Service Award for Personal Care Services. As hurricane Nicholas rolled in, team members headed home to check on their families, schools gave notice of closure and everyone hoped for the best. While many looked to manage their own changing world, Marissa looked to care for those in her assigned community and stayed behind. She reassured her clients all would be ok; they would not be alone in the storm. She slept when and where she could and got up to check in on residents. No one went without their medication, everyone had the support needed, thanks to Marissa. She stepped up when others might have easily stepped away.

Lacey M.
Lacey M., LPN Clinical Coordinator, won the 2021 Q3 Support Award for putting the patient at the center of her day, even though her shift had ended. When a patient transferred to hospice services, Lacey wasn’t scheduled to see him, but was in the area and decided to check on him. He had not transitioned to hospice yet, but upon arrival, Lacey met a friend of the patient, crying because they felt the patient was ready to pass. He asked Lacey to stay with him until the hospice nurse arrived and was telling Lacey how he had outlived majority of his family and that he was ready to go be with his loved ones. He didn’t want to die alone even though he had a friend there, he said he needed Lacey, as well. Lacey rearranged her schedule and never left the patient’s side until long after the hospice nurse arrived and took over patient care. Lacey continued to check on the patient even after he was discharged from our services.

2021 Value Awards

Elara Caring’s Value Award Program recognizes five team members who best represent our company’s core values of Exceptional Service, Integrity, Teamwork, Results and Innovation every quarter. Below are the most recent winners of our Value Awards.

Sherri H.
Sherrie H., Medical Social Worker, won the Exceptional Service Award for providing outstanding service and keeping her patients at the center of everything she does. She was nominated with a memorable story from her manager, “An assisted living patient had two cats that were very special to her. Unfortunately, the resident was unable to care for the animals as required in the pet policy of the facility. Sherrie took every possible step possible to assist the resident in caring for her pets without overstepping boundaries of hospice care. She worked very closely with family in getting additional cleaning in the room and pet caretakers. However, it just wasn’t meant to be for the resident to continue living in that location with the cats. Sherrie got to serious work! She reached out to a multitude of people in hopes of finding a new home. She contacted shelters, consulted with family to explain why the cats had to be removed. She even took pictures of the cats and had a personalized blanket made for the patient! She coordinated with the facility staff and agreed to see the patient daily for grief support for a minimum of one week. Sherrie Hanson goes above and beyond in everything she does, but I will never forget what she did for this patient and her beloved pets.”

Jennifer S.
Jennifer S., Eligibility Specialist, won the Integrity Award for showing sound moral judgment, striving to do the right thing, and being fair, honest, and respectful of others. The nomination story from her peer included the following, “Jennifer shows great integrity each day she is at work. She never rushes to just push a case off the workflow, but instead calls to find missing information, goes out of her way to make sure ALL referral information is correct and up to date. Jennifer also takes on the much harder cases so others can process the easy ones. She takes those additional steps to get them done timely but correctly. She is always willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the client comes first!”

Danielle S., Heather B. and Michele T.
Three team members won the 2021 Q3 Teamwork Award for demonstrating collaborative efforts with her their team to reach goals. The winners were Danielle S., Clinical Coordinator & Heather B., Benefits Analyst & Michele T., Payroll Coordinator. “Danielle is the best scheduler I have ever had the honor to work alongside. She has the intelligence to be able to figure out the complexities and logistics of scheduling visits while keeping clinicians within territories, keeping up with PTO and sick calls, and maximizing productivity. She also possesses the ability to be able to work with diverse personalities (some difficult) and negotiate with them to get visits covered. The field staff absolutely love her, and I know she is the reason many of them stay with us. She is respectful and courteous, and her excellent common sense reflects a wisdom beyond her years,” said Danielle’s nomination story. A leader said the following about Heather, “She works long hours daily and also on the weekends, ensuring that we meet our project milestones and that our employees’ daily benefits needs are addressed. She ensures that the vendor bills are paid on time, that the call center’s questions are answered, and that our implementation of our new vendors for 2022 are kept on track. I am beyond proud to have her on my team and tell her often that she’s a rock star and the ultimate team player because she will help anyone at any time.” Multiple coworkers sent in nominations for Michelle. A few highlights from these stories include, “She is always going above and beyond to help our team and works great with other employees. She has a positive attitude every day. Michele is always available whenever any needs time with a question. She works many hours making sure all home health aides are paid what they should be. Michelle has been with the company for many years, she has always been a team player, her wiliness to always help is amazing. you know you can always count with her specially when it comes to solve problems to assist her team.”

Ada M., RN
Ada M., Registered Nurse, won the Results Award for continuous improvement and growth toward providing the best patient experience with quantifiable results.
“When our state revived the COVID vaccine mandate, Ada stepped up as a true team player and provided results. Ada provided testing for our three branches and even drove out to client’s homes to test the aides and make it easy on them. Ada worked late nights reaching out to aides and entering data in our system. She worked closely with the local team to help us test and enter data of vaccines for over 600 direct care workers. The team is lucky to have her. She is an exceptional employee who demonstrated initiative a positive attitude and hard work and helped us reach goals in less than a month,” read Ada’s nomination story.

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