Tips for Preventing Falls

Each year, more than three million older adults are treated in emergency rooms for fall-related injuries. Many falls, however, are preventable if you take steps to maintain your health and home safety. We’ve got some quick tips to help you and your loved ones decrease the risk of falls at home.   Talk with your …

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Reducing Your Risk for Diabetes

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 1 in 10 Americans have diabetes, and 90-95% of them have Type 2 diabetes, which is preventable.   The National Institute of Health (NIH) has a variety of resources on Type 2 diabetes prevention and treatment. These three tips are key to lowering your risk.   Set …

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Staying Safe in the Summer Heat

Safety in warm weather is important for everyone, especially seniors who are more susceptible to dehydration and illnesses like heat stroke. Protect yourself and your loved ones with these tips from the Centers for Disease Control. Hydrate: Drink lots of water frequently throughout the day, avoiding caffeinated, sugary and alcoholic drinks. Since seniors’ senses dull …

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What are Personal Care Services?

Personal care services (PCS) – services that offer assistance with activities of daily living – help many patients remain safe and comfortable at home.

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