Blog Spotlight – Bereavement

Bereavement services are a fundamental part of Elara Caring’s hospice program. Bereavement is a time of mourning, and grief is the natural process we experience when dealing with the death of a loved one. At Elara Caring, we have Bereavement Coordinators working in our hospice branches who are dedicated to companioning those on their journey through grief. These coordinators consist of social workers, counselors and chaplains who strive to ensure those who are grieving feel supported. The bereavement team at Elara Caring promotes well-being, renewed purpose and life growth for our clients and communities. Through counsel and extensive services, Elara Caring’s bereavement team served 8,000 clients in 2019, ensuring they received the right care at the right time in the right place, and it was our honor to do so.


How do our Bereavement Coordinators provide support?  

  • Private grief counseling visits
  • Regular calls to assist clients in coping with grief
  • Bereavement mailings designed to provide information and education on the natural grief process throughout the 13 months on service
  • Community resource referrals   
  • Grief support groups, workshops and kids’ camps
  • Annual memorial services

Who is eligible for Bereavement Services?

  • Any family member, friend or neighbor whose loved one died with Elara Caring’s hospice services are able to access bereavement support, at no cost, for 13 months following their loved one’s death. Elara Caring’s bereavement team also offers support, referrals and programs to the overall community, at no charge.

– Gina L. Maynard, LMSW, Bereavement Program Manager


For more information about bereavement services in your area, please visit our Locations page to contact the Elara Caring branch nearest you.

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