Blog Spotlight – Compliance

One of the core values for Elara Caring is integrity. A primary focus of the Compliance Department is collaborating with departments and teams across Elara Caring to guide employees in displaying a high level of integrity in interactions with our patients and clients, our referral sources, payors and the community.

The Compliance Department at Elara Caring is composed of six Compliance Managers, three Compliance Coordinators and one Vice President of Compliance all reporting to our Chief Compliance Officer, Christine Weir.

Some of the functions of the compliance team include:

  • Auditing and monitoring driven by trends in data to ensure Elara Caring has proper controls in place;
  • Responding to compliance questions or concerns raised by Elara Caring employees, referral sources, payors, government entities and others in the community;
  • Development of compliance policies and setting compliance standards for Elara Caring employees;
  • And creating and delivering education to Elara Caring staff related to fraud, waste and abuse and HIPAA regulations.

Personally, my favorite part of being a compliance professional are the opportunities I have to interact with and support Elara Caring staff across the enterprise. I enjoy being able to provide education and guidance to staff to assist them in remaining compliant while providing excellent care and support to our patients and their families.

– Katie Monastiere, BS CHC, Vice President of Compliance and Privacy

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