6 Tips for a Healthier 2020

The fresh start of a new year often inspires lifestyle changes and goal setting. As you’re working toward your New Year’s resolution, consider these simple, attainable ideas to help you live a healthier 2020.

  1. Schedule and stick to your check-ups: Schedule your routine physical, dentist visit, eye exam and other specialty health appointments as soon as you can, mark them in your calendar and attend them. Review your medications and any health concerns with your doctor(s) and follow up on all testing or lab work. Getting a clear picture of your health at the beginning of the year allows you to work toward your health goals all year long.
  2. Snooze: Commit to getting more, better quality sleep. Create a relaxing, quiet sleep environment, eliminate caffeine and alcohol before bed and set a routine that you stick to each night. Most adults need 7-8 hours of sleep, so aim for that.
  3. Evaluate your diet: Try to cut down on processed, sugary, high-fat foods and incorporate more whole grains, leafy green veggies and lean meats into your meals.
  4. Clean out your medicine cabinet: Toss out expired medications, makeup and cosmetics. Not only are these products less effective, but they can be potentially harmful. Make a list of items you throw out so you can replenish your supply of needed, fresh products right away.
  5. Move a little more: Take a walk after dinner, get up every hour during your workday, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Little changes can make a big difference in your physical health when you start moving more.
  6. Practice self-care: Do something meaningful for yourself, whether that’s volunteering in your community, picking up a hobby you enjoy or just relaxing with a good book. Take time to recharge and replenish your physical and mental energy.

What are your goals for 2020 and how do you plan to achieve them? How will you live a healthier life this year?

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