4 Ways to Feel Great on Thanksgiving

It’s easy to overdo it on Thanksgiving. As you’re prepping for the “big meal” next week, consider these suggestions to feel your best as you enjoy the holiday.

  1. Get off on the right foot. Don’t worry about “saving room” for Thanksgiving dinner – eat a healthy, filling breakfast. Skipping meals can cause blood sugar to drop and then spike when you eat again. Load up on eggs, oatmeal or a fresh fruit smoothie to keep your energy levels up and your stomach full. Eating a hearty breakfast will also keep you from overeating later.
  2. Eat your veggies. Fill at least half your plate with vegetables, and split the other half between meat and other sides like potatoes or mac and cheese. Then, eat the nutrient-rich veggies first. If you fill up on the healthier options, you’re less likely to go overboard on the other stuff.
  3. Get your steps in before dessert. Taking a walk is not only a great way to sneak in some exercise and bond with family – it also gives your brain some time to recognize how full you are. Spacing out dinner and dessert will help you avoid overindulging in the sweet stuff.
  4. Have some pie. You don’t have to skip dessert – just consider your portions. Stick to smaller servings and don’t feel like you have to try everything. There’s always next year (or tomorrow if you’ve got leftovers) to sample those other dishes.

For other tips on eating healthier this holiday season, visit the Mayo Clinic’s website.

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