About Elara Systems

Elara Systems, LLC consults on all aspects of publishing technology. Elara Systems was founded in 1998 in Fairfax, Virginia, by Chuck Weger; Chuck (and the business) moved to the bucolic countryside of Vermont in 2008.

Chuck Weger has been active in computers and computer graphics for over 30 years, having programmed systems from punch card-based IBM mainframes to UNIX workstations to embedded microprocessor controllers. And, of course, Macs, Windows-based PCs, Linux servers, and iOS devices.

Chuck is well-known in the publishing industry as the originator of preflight. More than two decades ago, Chuck created a concept he called “PostScript preflight” to denote the pre-output analysis process that first became necessary with PostScript workflows, and continues to this day for most publishing workflows. Preflight became standard throughout the industry, and today serves as the basis for a number of commercial products, not to mention a host of articles, books, and folklore.

Elara Systems specializes in custom workflow automation and systems design for publishers, agencies, in-house graphics departments, government, and Fortune 500 companies. The Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Adobe InDesign, is at the core of many of these automated workflows.

Elara Systems does not sell hardware or software, nor do we represent any vendors’ products or point of view. In addition to architecting and building systems, we have done strategic consulting, business analysis, legal advice such as expert witness consulting and patent analysis, and assisted with market research efforts.

* The name “Elara” comes from a small moon orbiting Jupiter. The moon was discovered in 1905 by astronomer Charles Perrine who, like Chuck, was born in Ohio. Before that, it’s from Greek mythology, where Elara was one of Zeus’ wives. Now you know.

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