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Visit the “About Us” page on our website. You can also download PDFs of our Decision Tree; Mission, Vision and Values; and the Elara Caring Fact Sheet.

 Your new email signature will look like this:

Download the email signature template to copy/paste into Outlook. We’ve also provided simple instructions to help you make this quick update.​

Yes, please answer your phone by saying “Thank you for calling Elara Caring, this is [name] speaking. How may I help you?” Please also update your desk phone and/or company-issued mobile phone voicemail box(es) to now say Elara Caring.

Sample voicemail script: “Hello, you have reached the voicemail of [NAME], [TITLE] at Elara Caring. I am currently not available to take your call but if you leave your name, a brief message and your telephone number at the sound of the tone, I will return your call as soon as possible.”

Please use all stock of current business cards with your old company name before ordering new Elara Caring business cards. When you are ready to order new business cards, please fill out the Business Card Request form and email it to marketing@elara.com.


South Region: Amber Johnson – ajohnson5@elara.com

Midwest Region: Laurie Town – ltown@elara.com

Northeast Region: Ann Marie Martino – amartino@elara.com

YES! We’re excited to introduce our new Elara Caring Employee Store, where you will be able to purchase Elara Caring scrubs, shirts and accessories. Click the above link to visit the store and start shopping! Please note: Elara Caring Employee Store orders will ship to the shipping address provided at the time the order is placed, and shipping costs will be the responsibility of the employee placing the order. 

You may download the Elara Caring PowerPoint template here. Please also take a moment to download and review the PowerPoint template usage guidelines.

Elara Caring’s electronic letterhead is available for download, in addition to our letterhead usage and best practices guide.

Yes. Please review the Elara Caring Branding Playbook for more information about Elara Caring logos, colors and other brand elements. If you have any questions about these guidelines, e-mail the Corporate Marketing Dept. at marketing@elara.com. ​
Only certain positions are authorized to order from the print site. If you have a username and login, click to access Elara-print.com.
Yes and yes! You can visit our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. If you’d like to submit content to be featured Elara Caring social media, please review and follow the social media content submission process. You may also download our Media Consent Form, if needed to submit content featuring any patient photos or protected health information (PHI). If you have any questions about social media or how to submit content, please email the Corporate Marketing Dept. at marketing@elara.com.
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