There are reports of potential scams happening regarding imposters posing as company executives asking for personal or banking information from job applicants via email.

Elara Caring does not request such information via email. Here are a few tips to ensure any correspondence from Elara Caring is legitimate:

  • Confirm the email is from an email address of Elara.com. Applicants will receive emails only from @elara.com email addresses. Other variations, such as elara.net, elaracaring.net, elaracare.org are not from our company.
  • Report any suspicious emails that ask you to respond to an email address other than Elara.com or to a text message.
  • Suspicious Activity can be reported to your state Attorney General’s Office or through the FTC.gov website.
  • During our recruitment process we do not ask candidates for banking information or require them to purchase supplies.
  • If you are not sure about the sender, you can email info@elara.com.

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Elara Caring’s team members are compassionate and dedicated people who want to make a difference. We believe every interaction is that opportunity to change the world, and that can all start with you.

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What makes Elara different from other healthcare organizations? Delivering the right care, at the right time, in the right place—the mission that drives Elara Caring. This means we must have extraordinary team members with the passion and enthusiasm to exceed the expectations of each patient we serve, each visit, every day.


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