Helping Your Loved Ones Prevent Falls

September is Fall Prevention Awareness Month. It’s a great time to talk with your loved ones about how they can remain safe in and outside their home. Below are a few items to think about as you have this discussion.


  1. Assess their living space:  If your loved one has vision, mobility or incontinence issues, they are especially susceptible to falls. Consider installing grab bars in their bathroom, securing rugs with non-slip mats or adhesive, and adding motion sensor lighting to hallways and rooms they may need to access at night. These small fixes can make a big difference in home safety.

  2. Keep an eye out for pets and kids: Does your loved one have pets or babysit their grandchildren? Kids and pets bring joy to older adults, but they can also contribute to falls. Make sure you know where children and pets are at all times to prevent them from jumping in front of your walking path and always clean up spill or accidents immediately to avoid slips.

  3. Reduce stair usage: If your loved one has stairs, remind them to grab everything they need before making a trip up or down the stairs. Simply reducing the number of times using the stairs reduces the risk of falling on them. You can recommend a small tote to carry their water bottle, reading glasses or other items to keep trips to a minimum.

  4. Mind the season: Seasonal hazards such as rainy days and wet shoes, slippery leaves on sidewalks or snow and ice can cause accidents. Keeping walkways clear and wearing shoes with good tread can help keep both feet planted on the ground.

  5. Seek help when it’s needed: Elara Caring’s skilled home health team can assess your loved one’s needs to prevent falls. Whether they need assistance with balance or correcting home safety issues, we can help. You can learn more and set up an informational visit by visiting or emailing
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