Tips for Preventing Falls

Each year, more than three million older adults are treated in emergency rooms for fall-related injuries. Many falls, however, are preventable if you take steps to maintain your health and home safety. We’ve got some quick tips to help you and your loved ones decrease the risk of falls at home.


  1. Talk with your doctor. Have you recently had your medications reviewed? Have you had a hearing exam? Are you experiencing any issues with walking or moving around your home? Discuss any concerns with your physician. He or she may refer you to a home health care agency, such as Elara Caring, to help address root causes of falls and create a plan to minimize your risk.
  2. Work on your balance. Practice strengthening and balance exercises (like these from the Mayo Clinic) to help improve your stability. Be sure to talk to your doctor or home health care team about exercises that are safe for you.
  3. Get your eyes checked. Visit your eye doctor for a vision exam each year, and update your eyeglasses or contact lenses when your prescription changes.
  4. Make a few changes at home. Remove trip hazards such as rugs or cords on walkways. Install grab bars in the bathroom and railings on both sides of stairs. Replace burnt out light bulbs to ensure rooms and hallways are well lit.

If you would like more information about the services Elara Caring provides to prevent falls and improve mobility, visit our website to find the Elara Caring branch nearest you.

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