4 Ideas to Keep You Active This Winter

It’s easy to retreat indoors during the chilly and snowy winter months. But it’s important to stay active no matter the time of year. We’ve got a few ideas to help you stay both physically and mentally fit throughout the winter.

  1. Get outdoors: We know it’s cold out, but outdoor activities are great as long as you take measures to stay safe. Dress in layers, wear shoes with good treads and be sure to wear a hat, scarf and gloves. Watch your step to avoid slips and falls, and stay hydrated.
  2. Join a club: Do you have a favorite hobby? There’s probably a group of like-minded individuals in your community who regularly get together to take part in it. Check out your community’s bulletin boards or social network pages to see if there’s a club that interests you. Think: books, knitting, indoor recreation such as swimming, bowling, etc. These activities not only keep you active, but also allow social interaction which studies show is key to healthy and happy aging.
  3. Try some brain games: If the cold is not for you, stay indoors and challenge your mind with Sudoku, word searches or crossword puzzles. These are linked to sharpening mental skills such as decision-making, processing speed, planning and improved memory.
  4. Visit your local senior center: Many communities have senior centers that offer programming geared to aging individuals, such as classes, exercise programs and social events. This a good opportunity to get out of the house, meet new people and find an activity that keeps your mind and body healthy.

What are YOU doing to stay active this winter?

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