Moving — What, again?

Those of you who have been following this website for the last decade or so may recall that the address for Elara Systems used to be Fairfax, Virginia.

Seven years ago, my wife and I moved from traffic-infested Virginia to the bucolic countryside of Vermont. At the time, it seemed like a great idea. We had a wonderful place in the mountains, close to ski areas, plenty of opportunities for shoveling snow and testing snow tires, etc., etc.

But then our daughter decided to produce a granddaughter (with some help, presumably, from her husband). So after much soul-searching (and more snow shoveling), we decided to move back this summer, so that we wouldn’t be those grandparents that she never saw except once per year.

So now Elara Systems’ address is once again, Virginia. Except now we’re on the banks of the Occoquan River (pronounce it if you dare — Siri can’t) instead of in the deep suburbs of Fairfax.
The Granddaughter