PePcon Chicago – Save $50!

If you’re going to be near Earth in June, and you use Adobe InDesign, you simply must come to the Print and e-Publishing Conference (PePcon)! This is an annual design/techfest with all the Cool Kids in the InDesign universe. This conference is organized by world-renowned InDesign gurus¬†David Blatner and Anne-Marie Concepci√≥n, so you know it’s top-quality content.

Special offer!! You can save thousands (well, $50) on conference admission by clicking on the fabulous animated GIF at the bottom of this post (animated GIFs are the future of the Internet, but sadly won’t be featured much at this conference). You could also just try saying “Chuck sent me,” but that probably won’t even get you an ice water at the cash bar. Better to use the GIF.

The best part about this conference (well, perhaps not the best part, but it will be great), is the Creative Developers Summit. This is a day-long session on Wednesday, June 18, hosted by Yours Truly. Here is where InDesign developers from Adobe and plug-in and add-on developers from around the planet will be congregating to reveal what’s happening inside InDesign. If you’re a developer, a scripter who writes scripts for InDesign, or a user who wants to peek behind the curtains and see what the future holds for our favorite page layout package, this is the place to be.

If you’re not any of those things well, fine, don’t come to the Developers Summit. But check out the rest of the great sessions. You won’t be disappointed!

And if you do come to Chicago, track me down. I might just give you a Nose Flute if you ask nicely. More on that later.

PePcon Chicago

Come to Chicago!